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10 things about Darren, age 3

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Darren, age 3 years

My least favorite things…:

1. If the good die young, your performance at play dates for the last month should guarantee you a solid shot at eternal youth.

2. I know you love your sister. I know you want to be close to her, and it frustrates you to no end when I prevent you from coming near her. I don’t like to get between the two of you, either, but seriously. For the very last time. Melia is not a trampoline, no, not even a pretend one either, yes, it will so hurt her if you jump on her, yes, I’m 100% completely positive. Stop arguing with me.

3. No, really. STOP ARGUING WITH ME.

4. Speaking of things that need to stop…I’d really, really like to at least glance at my texts/emails/voicemail messages before you delete them. I know this is my fault for introducing you to my phone in the first place, but it’s still super annoying. And in my defense, I had no idea how addictive smartphones could be when I let you play with mine for the first time. I see rehab in both of our futures.

5. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss your afternoon naps. I was really hoping that we could keep that routine up at least until you were old enough to hit a happy hour with me. At least.

…and my favorite things:

6. I thought I was a voracious reader, but you definitely outdo me in that department. I love how you laugh at and memorize all the funny parts of the stories I read you, and how adeptly you tie those quotes into conversations later. You are really very funny, and not many parents can say that about their three year olds.

7. I love how methodical you are, and how patiently you work to understand the mechanics of the world around you, from the public water system to flashlights. Your interest in maps brings a smile to my face, and revives many happy memories from my own childhood.

8. I think it’s completely adorable that you bought my explanation of the immune system. Apparently it makes perfect sense to you that tiny robots roam around inside your body, looking for things to fix.

9. I am in love with the way you try to play with Melia. I may not buy your story that she wants to watch Star Trek, eat cake or go to the Space Needle, but I adore watching you try to talk to her, and I love that you are interested in discovering her likes and dislikes.

10. Your vocabulary has really taken off lately. I could (and often do) listen for hours to you talk about periscopes, chewing gum, dragons, skyscrapers and your undying love of all things nautical. I am so happy to finally really know what’s going on inside that head of yours, and I love that you are willing to include me in your imaginary adventures!


Written by GRSeim

September 6, 2011 at 5:18 am

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