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10 things about Melia, age 7 weeks

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Melia, 7 weeks.

My least favorites:

1. Poop is part of living. We even have a phrase about it, “shit happens.” I’m sorry that you hate it so much, but I can’t do a thing about it and I’m pretty sure I’ve suffered some permanent hearing loss from listening to you voice your opinions on the subject. Please…accept it, and move on.

2. This really isn’t about you, but I’d really love to regain sensation in my lower back. Apparently the anaesthesiologist tweaked a nerve when he gave me my epidural, and seven weeks later I’m still numb. I am not getting used to the feeling, either. It’s kind of disconcerting.

3. Your great-grandparents were not morning people. Your grandparents house is as quiet as a museum until 11. I grew up believing that I was an early riser, and I get up at 8. Your brother would happily sleep until 9 or 10 every day and go about his morning routine in complete silence if you’d stop waking him up at SUNRISE?! Where on earth did you get the idea that the sun was in any way relevant to our day to day living? Not from my side of the family, that’s for sure. It just ain’t natural.

4. I give up. Now tell me where your socks are hidden.

5. I know you love sleeping in the big bed, but sometimes I need you to rest in other places, too. People who sleep 20 hours a day can’t be too particular about where they crash.

My favorites:

6. You have an incredibly endearing smile. In fact, all of your facial expressions are surprisingly mature, and you employ them appropriately. It’s really exciting to be able to communicate so well with you already.

7. You love watching the trees sway in the breeze. Darren loved really tall evergreens the best, but you are more interested in leafy, billowy trees that make nice rustling sounds. The dreamy look on your face when you lay under a tree and listen to the wind blow is absolutely precious.

8. You let me take a shower, every single day. Have I told you that I love you?!

9. You are so tolerant of your brother’s often clumsy attempts to win you heart. Thank you so much for that. When you smile at him and clasp your tiny hand around his finger, you make him feel like he’s ten feet tall. It warms my heart to see how well you are getting along with one another.

10. I am blown away by your desire to communicate. When I recited the alphabet phonetically for you for the first time you looked like you might sprout wings and learn to fly. You were so excited about it! You love books and poetry and nursery rhymes and songs, and you love to look earnestly into my eyes while you gurgle and coo. You have a lovely voice. I can’t wait to find out what you are so interested in sharing with me.


Written by GRSeim

September 6, 2011 at 5:21 am

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