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Smelly bottles

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I really enjoyed my project in Darren’s classroom today. I found some yogurt smoothies that came in very small bottles at the grocery store and couldn’t resist buying them -those bottles look so gosh darn versatile! 🙂

After my husband and sister finished drinking the yogurt for me, I cleaned the containers out, removed the labels and put a cotton ball inside each one. Then I added drops of some “smelly” things I had laying around the house: vanilla, lemon oil and rubbing alcohol. I also used tea bags for some of my smelly bottles. I made sure to make two bottles of each type of scent.

Once I had all the kids gathered, I let them smell one of the bottles and then told them to smell the others and try to identify its “stinky match.” The kids had a blast sniffing the bottles and trying to identify the scents!

If I did this activity again, I would skip the rubbing alcohol and opt for all nice smelling bottles. None of the kids wanted to get stuck with two bottles that smelled that yucky, and it caused some tension! The teabag added an interesting twist to the activity, though. The unique smell was difficult to identify, and that made it much harder for the kids to find its match!



Written by GRSeim

October 5, 2011 at 4:07 am

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