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10 things about Darren, age 3 and 3 months

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1. Your love for all things wacky is beginning to wear in me now that you are picking out your own TV shows. Fishtronaut, Team Zoomie, Wonder Pets…oh god, make it stop, just make it stop!

2. Also, please stop: spitting in my face, farting on my pillow, rubbing your boogers on my clothes, licking me for attention and splashing pee on my floors. Too much! Toooo muuuuch!

3. We bought you an incredible bed with a slide off the side, and we set it up in our bedroom, but you refuse to sleep in it. I don’t mean to seem unaccomodating, but I am really ready to reclaim my bed. Really, really ready.

4. Potty training. We have been potty training you for five months now, and you still refuse to use public bathrooms. Please, son, please. I am too poor to keep buying you pull-ups. It is time to give them up.

5. “Count me! Count me!” you cheer…and everyone around you must immediately stop what they are doing and begin counting. You made me count all the way to and from preschool the other day- 28 minutes round trip, but I wasn’t allowed to reach the number 100 until we got home or (as we discovered) you’d cry in disappointment and demand that I start over again at zero. Oye.

6. You’ve taken to scratching my back as you fall asleep at night. LOVE.

7. The way you interact with the world around you is changing by the second. In the past you have always resisted doing anything that might be draw attention to yourself or otherwise put you at risk for embarrassment. Lately, however, I’ve seen you sing along with the radio, make goofy faces in public and volunteer for special classroom jobs at your preschool. I love that you’re starting to take those risks and reap the subsequent rewards. 🙂

8. Preschool. Oh lord, it’s worth every penny just to see your face light up when I mention it. You’re the second youngest in the class, and the only kid who hasn’t been in a drop-off situation like this before. You really hit the ground running, though, and I can see you soaking up every second of it. It makes me so happy to see you interacting with the others, particularly the teachers, with so much confidence.

9. Houston, we have MORE THAN ONE FOOD GROUP! I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to hear you ask for seconds on fresh broccoli or peaches. You tried a chicken burrito today and admitted that it was yummy! I thought I would break down and cry, really. My days of making pizza dough by hand every day are behind me.

10. It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago you were so obstinately stuck inside your own head that I was worried about autism. You have blossomed into a social butterfly, literally over night. You collaborate on everything, beg for playdates and want to kiss everyone who walks through our door. I know that growing is difficult and I don’t expect you to grin and bear those growing pains alone, but I treasure every glimpse I get into the person that is you, the you that isn’t overwhelmed by weaning or developing social skills but is simply able to be. I am in love with that person, kid; I am so glad that you are in my life.



Written by GRSeim

October 27, 2011 at 11:56 pm

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