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New Years Resolution #1: Take A Cue From “Mad Men”

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In 2012, I will…

…learn how to make my own damn clothes.

Why? Because, while it is possible to walk into any number of stores and put good money out for clothing, none of that clothing is meant for me. I am tired of looking like crap, and the only way to change that is to stop trying to cram my 160 lb, 5’6″, 42-35-43 body into clothes designed for a size 0 model. The cuts are all wrong, the way the fabric drapes and flows is wrong, I just hate everything I try on. Why should I pay someone else to clothe me if I can learn how to do a better job of it on my own?

Inspiration: pictures of Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame in a swim suit. I stumbled across the article accidentally and didn’t realize that I was seeing Joan at first. My first thought when I saw these pictures was, wow, I look at least that good in a bathing suit. And then I realized who I was seeing, a major American sex icon, and the puzzle pieces started falling together. Hendricks is beautiful, but I only know that because she fits her clothes to her body instead of engaging in the futile effort of matching her body to her clothes.

So take that, masochist/misogynist fashion industry. You just lost yourselves a customer. Ha.


Written by GRSeim

January 2, 2012 at 8:23 am

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