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Why voluntary simplicity?

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The kitchen floor is sticky with carrot juice. I knocked my glass over as I lunged to prevent Melia from clipping her head on the sharp edge of the kitchen drawer…and I still didn’t get there in time. The counter is piled with yesterday’s dishes, the playroom full of toys left out from yesterday’s games. The garbage can is overflowing. The recycling needs to go out. The coffee pot is full of yesterday’s stale coffee.

All up and down our street, all through our city, lonely housewives in ugly clothes are trying to pull their families through another day. We worry about what might happen if we become ill suddenly while alone with our kids. We bring the smallest children along when we take our carefully-timed bathroom breaks. We’re told that this was our choice, that we’re lucky to be able to stay home, that it’s a necessary sacrifice that is best for our children.

Bullshit. You just don’t want us to have friends who will distract us from our true role in society, that of the depressed, mindless consumer.


Not. Fucking. Buying it.


Written by GRSeim

February 13, 2012 at 5:54 pm

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