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How I keep up with it all

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About once a week, someone puts two and two together and says, “Wait a second. You stay home with your kids, you’re taking classes online, your husband is working and going to school and you still find time to pick up babysitting/dog walking/house cleaning jobs? How do you do it?”

Well. It isn’t pretty. But this is what a typical month around here looks like:

Week 1: PAY DAY!!! MONEY! Happiness! All is right with the world! Screw school, we need to go places, see things, PEOPLE I HAVE MONEY AGAIN!

Week 2: I’m out of groceries, because I spent the last week basically vacationing. And it looks like frat boys have been running my kitchen. Better focus on reality. Holy shit, how much did I spend on coffee last week?! How much money do I have left? How much COFFEE do I have left? I can’t delay my math test any longer, it must happen this week and I won’t make it without coffee. Better start budgeting. Be responsible. Set a good example. Brush the kids’ teeth. Study. Set the table. Pull yourself together!

Week 3: Ok, a much smaller pay check just came in. And who am I kidding, I will never, ever be able to clean this house up by myself with a toddler climbing my leg and a baby permanently affixed to my nipple. I’ll use half of this little paycheck to pay my best friend the cleaner to catch the bathrooms, mopping and other impossible tasks and use the rest for responsible things, like putting gas in the car and diapers…and, obviously, the elixir or life on which I obviously depend.

Week 4: oh my god I’m so depressed. Stacks of clean laundry EVERYWHERE. My kids are addicted to the television because I don’t take them out to do fun, enriching things often enough. I need coffee. I needed sleep a week ago. Thank god for my best friend the cleaner. At least I don’t have to worry about anyone calling CPS/the DOH on me. I really worry too much about keeping the house immaculate. The kids need to play more. They need to be able to make messes, they’re KIDS for Christ’s sake. I should get them some finger paints or moon muck or something awesome sometime soon. Gosh I feel like the worst parent ever. 😦

And it just goes on like that. This has been our pattern for the last four years, actually, with very little variation. 

So, bottom line…I just DO it. There is no trick to it, it is just as bad as it sounds like it would be. My husband has lost weight and added some color to his vocabulary over the last four years, I have gained weight and started developing wrinkles. We see very little of our friends and extended family. It is hard work, but it is deeply important and personally meaningful work and that is what makes it worthwhile.


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February 19, 2012 at 6:57 am

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