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Spring break

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We have big plans for spring break this year, big plans. Most of them revolve around taking pictures of D while he “sooters” around the neighborhood/garage/kitchen.

I don’t think he has left his scooter for more than a few minutes since I surprised him with it at the beginning of the break on Friday night. We convinced him to let it sleep on the floor next to the bed, though. And he convinced us that it is perfectly reasonable to ride one’s scooter to the bathroom in the middle of the night.




The helmet was a huge struggle. Huge trigger for the sensory processing issues we have raging on around here. D agreed to try on any helmet I could find that was solid green, and would not consider any other color. That narrowed us down to ONE style of helmet, so I was pretty happy to find that it fit. D will still end up in a screaming panic if he wears the helmet too long, but his love for his “sooter” drives him back to it over and over. My hope is that experiences like this that allow D to stretch his limits under his own volition will eventually help him develop a broader comfort zone.

It is very difficult for me to see him melt down. The high-pitched screams of unendurable stress and fear set off all sorts of visceral reactions in me. I’ve got to say, though, I am totally impressed with how he gets back up on that horse for another try once he’s regained his focus and equilibrium. Score one for craniosacral therapy.


Written by GRSeim

March 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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