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Beauty is a competitive sport, and the losers are often dragged off the field, mangled and bleeding, broken down.

I hope that I’m able to protect you from all of that.

Here’s the truth, kid, because whatever my faults (and we both know I have plenty), you can always trust that I will be honest with you. Beauty is all about comparison. When one person is praised for her beauty, another is implicitly rejected for failing up to that standard. There are very, very few people out there who are truly, naturally beautiful…just like there aren’t too many Olympic athletes or math geniuses or writers of profound, paradigm-shifting literature in the world. There are a few people who are exceptional when compared to the rest of humanity. The rest of us are just normal, and that is something to be celebrated.

We are fortunate to live in a time and in a place where normal people choose their careers and partners; we fall in love, have babies and grand babies, make our own decisions and pursue our own dreams and goals in life. We have enough to eat, we live in warm, comfortable homes, we have pets and holidays and weekends and vacations. Happiness is fully within our grasp, for once.

Don’t let that slip away.

Don’t let greedy companies convince you to live in poverty in exchange for whiter teeth and fuller eyelashes. Don’t trade glowing Christmas celebrations with your grandkids for a crappy relationship with an abusive boyfriend who teaches you to ask permission to breathe, to hate your body, to apologize for existing.

I’m going to tell you a secret here, kid: people who love you will be able to see the beautiful parts of you, without you having to suffer to make that happen. People who love you will treasure you, want what is best for you, take pride in your accomplishments, support you in the hard times and rejoice with you when the sunshine returns.

We can no more attain perfect beauty through our hard work and sacrifice than we can will ourselves to genius, but the good news is…that doesn’t matter.

Love will make up the difference.

Pour your power and energy into finding and cultivating deep, lasting love. Nothing else matters.


Written by GRSeim

March 30, 2012 at 11:57 pm

Posted in Future Feminist

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