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Birth and the Patriarchy

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I am so sick of seeing women policing other women. Controlling other women’s choices through fear and shame is, and I can’t stress this enough, NEVER ACCEPTABLE.

Women approach childbirth with intense fear because doctors rape us, slice our vaginas with scissors without warning or concern for our pain and suffering, tell us that we/our babies will die if we don’t obey them to the letter, leave us out of the decision-making process when making vitally important and intensely personal decisions about our births, force us to take medications or have surgeries that we do not want, ignore our requests and pleas and routinely injure us and our children, sometimes fatally. And before you suggest going the natural birth route to solve all of these problems, let me just say this: I was raped by my midwife while attempting a homebirth. So don’t think that there’s an easy answer. Don’t tell us that if we would just obey you instead of obeying someone else, everything would be fine. Our poor judgment isn’t the thing causing the maternal health crisis in the States. Our fear is not irrational and it is not the problem. Our trust is not the problem.

The problem is that medical professionals have serious authority issues.

When you start obeying us, the crisis will be over.



Written by GRSeim

April 15, 2012 at 5:01 pm

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