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While weeding out the undesirables from my Facebook page today, I ran across one “About Me” that really stood out to me.

Under political views, this individual had written “apathetic.” Under religious views, however: “It’s all about the REALtionship!”


Let’s point out the obvious first here:

1. You can’t spell for shit, meaning that you’ve failed the cardinal rule of being my friend on Facebook. DELETED.

2. You are not in a relationship with anyone if God doesn’t exist. You may be certain that s/he does exist; others are certain that s/he does not. No one has any serious proof to back up their beliefs on this subject, but the atheist who chooses to deny the possibility of the existence of God because of a lack of compelling evidence comes off looking a lot better than the person who believes themselves to be in a loving relationship with a deity who values Tebow above Sara Kruzan, based on conversations they’ve had with a voice in their head.

3. Do you know what people accomplish through politics? We passed the Violence Against Women Act. We fight against bribery and corruption. We fight to end human trafficking. Or alternatively, we fight to redefine miscarriage as murder so that we can lock women up for life for failing to produce healthy babies.

I hear a lot of talk from the religious right about war, the battle being waged between the forces of good and evil, and it all sounds very epic and I bet Peter Jackson could do something marvelous with it but you people are missing it completely. You are not fighting against Satan and his hoards of demons when you do flannel graph stories for the preschoolers at your church on Sunday. You are not accomplishing anything significant when you put your money into the building fund. There’s real fighting going on with clear, definite good guys and bad guys, but you’re too busy being nice and keeping the Christ in Christmas to know what’s going on.

Do not take that as a compliment.


Written by GRSeim

April 27, 2012 at 12:01 am

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