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Summer cold

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I’ll admit it, I really thought we were going to escape the curse of the summer cold this year. We are just so goddamn health-conscious all the time, how could we possibly get sick?

Sadly, being obsessively natural and eating farm-fresh vegetables by the truck load did not render us totally immune from viruses. As a fringe benefit to this newest round of the sneezies, however, I have discovered a new reason to love being product free people.

As I’ve mentioned before, we wash our hair and bodies with baking soda, vinegar and the occasional splash of Castile soap, and I make my own deodorant out of baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil. I do not use any fragrances anywhere in my home and try to make sure that the things I smear, spray or dab on my body are edible and wonderful for my health.

How does this relate to our current bout of illness? Well, weirdly enough, I’ve discovered a new superpower that I did not know I had before. You know how your body goes through a shedding phase a few days before you begin showing symptoms of a virus, making that the most likely time to infect the people around you? Well, since giving up on oil-stripping soaps and shampoos and fragrance-loaded grooming products, I’ve discovered that I can actually detect a distinct change in my children’s normal body smells during this phase. A solid 48 hours before they begin showing any sort of lethargy or stuffiness, I’m able to identify the impending illness by smell and start canceling play dates and pushing the fluids, garlic and sunshine. Nifty, right?!

I tried to read more about this slightly icky phenomenon online, but was able to find very little on the subject. I did find a handful of references to doctors smelling their patients as a common part of their exams back in the house call days, and also a few people claiming to be able to recognize the smell of developing cancer in its early stages. That one really caught my interest, because wow, would that not be useful? To be able to detect cancerous growths before they began to cause troubling symptoms? I have no personal experience with sniffing for cancer, but it does make sense to me. If I can easily smell an impending head cold, I would suspect that the aroma change caused by a potentially life threatening illness would really grab my attention.


Written by GRSeim

May 19, 2012 at 2:14 am

Posted in Hippy Dippy

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