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D saw one of those goddamn M&M’s commercials where the sexy lady candy complains that, since her body is made of chocolate, no one appreciates her for her mind…which is super hysterical because haha! No one cares about her brain because she has a desirable body! Just like no one cares about the real minds of real women because *they* have bodies! Get it? It’s funny because it’s never going to change, and yet women continue to whine about it! 

As the commercial ended, Darren turned to me with big, serious eyes and said, “I hope you love me for my brain.”

“I do love you for your brain,” I ad libbed, “AND for your funny jokes!” 

Darren responded by saying that he loved me for my funny talking, and we went back and forth like that until it devolved into gibberish and giggles. (Subversive, no?)

So, thank you, M&M’s, for using candy to introduce my four year old to the objectification of women…and thank you, Peggy Orenstein, for teaching me to fight fun with fun!


Written by GRSeim

November 7, 2012 at 9:31 pm

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